Tom Cruise had to find a way to outdo his stuntwork in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, so when holding onto the world’s tallest tower just isn’t enough, he decides to hold onto a moving plane.

The sequence, which has been featured in most of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation‘s trailers, involves practical stuntwork, like Cruise’s previous stunts. In the the behind-the-scenes video above, Cruise is harnessed up and actually clings to the side of a plane launching off the ground. No greenscreened plane door lifted a foot off the ground here — Cruise is, with the right safety precautions of course, hoping to bring as much authenticity to the scene as possible.

Watch — maybe in fear, maybe in excitement — as Cruise executes the stunt above, and check out his work for Ghost Protocol below as a reminder that an Ethan Hunt mission is no time for half measures. Rogue Nation opens in theaters on July 31.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
2015 movie – Mission Impossible 5
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