Credit: Mary Cybulski

LeBron James has gotten his first taste of Hollywood, and it looks like he wants some more.

In a video posted to Funny or Die, en route to this weekend’s Akron, Ohio, premiere of Trainwreck, James’ feature film debut, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star player pitches some big ideas for the film’s sequel to stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader and director Judd Apatow.

James’ performance in Trainwreck has been warmly received by critics thus far, and the video gives him a chance to show off his talent as a comedic actor in advance of the film’s release this Friday.

As for Trainwreck 2, shot in one long take, starring and directed by LeBron James? We’d see it.Trainwreck: The Sequel Starring Amy Schumer And LeBron James, But Not Bill Hader from Judd Apatow