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Have a hologram, first-edition Charizard lying around you can’t hock and an insatiable desire for new music on vinyl?

Well, English rapper Jme is willing to trade. The artist tweeted Friday that he was willing to dish out copies of Integrity>, the self-released record that he dropped in May, in exchange for that particularly rare and powerful card.

He was serious, and he accepted no poor imitations or substitutes.

English, non-gym leader Charizards, specifically. Get out of here, Blaine.

Jme took nothing but pristine cards—vinyl isn’t cheap—so he told people to hit up Nurse Joy with their damaged goods.

But the guy is a man of his word. And there’s proof.

It bears asking if he made an exception for this one.

No matter his reasoning — even it was just because — his taste is impeccable, because everyone knows Charizard is the best Pokemon: It’s popular for a reason, everyone.