By Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 11, 2015 at 09:49 PM EDT

What can you say about Maisie Williams

Well, the Game of Thrones actress is “fabulous,” according to Peter Capaldi, who previously described her to EW as a “talented tornado” when he previewed the upcoming season of Doctor Who. In the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, the actor also joked that “she’s a monster,” hastening to add that — no surprise — “she’s not a monster at all — she’s absolutely charming.” 

But she might play a monster … or not. “You’ve got to wait and see,” says Capaldi. 

In the video above, castmates Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez are a little more forthcoming on what you can expect in season 9 of Doctor Who, which Coleman describes as “electric.” 

Gomez also expressed her gratitude for her meaty role as The Master, telling EW: “For a lady of my advancing years, I should really just be sitting, playing the mum in the background with a cardigan and drinking cups of tea, but I’m out there kicking ass. Getting to play this incredible part, The Master, as a woman it’s just a brilliant opportunity to make his life hell and destroy the universe!” Preach it. 

Check out the rest of the interview for more on next season and to hear about Capaldi’s first time at Comic-Con — and how his worry that nobody would recognize him when he greeted fans in line for the Doctor Who panel was fairly quickly extinguished. 

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