By James Hibberd
July 11, 2015 at 11:51 PM EDT

Blindspot is a gripping new NBC crime thriller about a mysterious woman who—

Actually, you know what? Let’s just just talk about those tattoos. Seldom has the marketing art of a new show been so striking and received so much online play as NBC’s Blindspot ads, which feature Jaimie Alexander (Thor) fully covered in the cryptic tats that hold the key to solving her Jane Doe character’s identity (and solving crimes too, of course, lots and lots of crimes). Here’s seven things we learned at the Comic-Con panel for Blindspot, which airs on Monday nights this fall on NBC: 

1. The 200+ tattoos take seven hours to apply by three tattoo artists. “I’m always drunk,” Alexander joked. For the full-body version, she’s standing the entire time. “If I move around it pulls my skin and they don’t fight right,” she says. “We listen to the Beatles on Pandora.” 

2. For the opening scene of Blindspot, where Alexander emerges from an abandoned duffel bag in Times Square, producers shut down the hugely popular area at 5 a.m.— with a little help from the NYPD and 45 production assistants. No special effects were used. Alexander says her characters’s shivering was very real. “Yeah everything was on high alert,” she joked. 

3. The tattoos can last for several days as they’re made of a stronger adhesive than regular temporary tattoos. So that helps. 

4. They production is going to avoid adding obvious layers of clothing to Alexander’s character just to minimize her tattoo application time—so no turtlenecks. “Not yet,” says producer Martin Gero, who used to draw treasure maps as a kid. “Not until she’s like, ‘No more!.'” In fact, showing her completely covered in tattoos will be revisited beyond the pilot, something Gero says Alexander was in favor of doing. “She said, ‘we got to do the full-body thing.”   

5. Sometimes it gets a little awkward: “There is a fella who has to paint my chest and that’s always awkward,” Alexander says. “Theres a part of my backside, below my belt so that has to be painted so that’s fun.” She added that the back and neck are the easiest, and that she keeps noticing different images and codes on herself. “The hips are amazing,” she says. “There’s so many hidden things.”

6. Each episode of Blindspot will explore a single tattoo—but that could change at some point. 

7. Alexander kinda loves it. “I would wear them all the time if I could,” she says. “If I wasn’t an actress, I would have a [tattoo] sleeve.” Geros then drew laughs by suggesting: “Well, if you want to cut down on that chair time…” 

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