The self-proclaimed sexpert debuted his taped sex podcast on E! So is it worth watching?
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Sex With Brody

We all know sex sells. We know the Kardashians and their extended family sells. We know the name Jenner sells. So why not combine all three and give Brody Jenner, Caitlyn’s fourth child and sometimes reality star, a show where he just sits around and talks about sex?

Which is essentially the gist behind Sex With Brody. The new E! series films Brody Jenner and his two cohorts, Dr. Mike Dow and female comedian Stevie Ryan, as they tape a podcast where they mostly just riff about sexy stuff—things they’ve tried, sex studies, asking celeb guests about things they’ve tried. Think of it as a modern day Loveline—but with a handsome player, a self-described “sexpert,” as the host.

And what makes Brody a sexpert? He has lots of sex, of course! Actually, to be honest, the fact that he’s just a regular guy makes this show much more fun. Who wants to hear tales or advice about sex tales from a stuffy old doctor when they can hear true stories of a Hollywood horn dog?

But the question is, does the show work? Answer: Not always. But at times! While some parts make you seriously want to cringe, like when they talk about “squirting,” or when they grill celebrity guest Christina Milian about whether she’s had a threesome, their banter can also be somewhat funny. But the show’s real saving grace? Brody Jenner himself.

Jenner’s ease at being an open case when it comes to his sexuality (his fivesome was terrible! He’s tasted his own spunk! He hates kissing a girl after she’s gone down on him!) and making jokes at his own expense will certainly make you laugh. However, his cohorts waver between being fun and just boring.

Stevie Ryan has one really great line—when they ask her the average length of time for sex, she replies, “How long are the commercial breaks in Scandal?”—but a lot of times her comments fall flat. Also, the show is not for feminists—Jenner refers to a girl as a slut, and Ryan refers to a girl as a ho. You gotta give Ryan props for telling a female caller, who was worried that sex wasn’t great since she’d had a baby, that she deserved a round of applause for making another human. … But then Dr. Dow told the caller that she needed to keep things “right and tight” down there. Another cringe-worthy, and not female-friendly moment.

Still, you need a real MD on hand to enlighten you with such gems as “female ejaculation is just watered down pee,” and it’s fun that Dow is gay, and hopefully he can talk from that perspective a bit more down the line.

Sex With Brody is what it is—pretty silly, sort of gross, not totally necessary—but mindlessly entertaining nonetheless. Kind of like Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

Sex With Brody airs Friday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET on E!

Sex With Brody
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