'He paid off women to avoid the courts. So you can't say the courts didn't convict,' Apatow tweeted. 'He used wealth to avoid it'
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage; Noam Galai/Getty Images

Judd Apatow is once again coming to the defense of the upwards of 40 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

This time, his comments were directed squarely at Whoopi Goldberg, who has been vocal in her support of Cosby. Most recently, she cited the false allegations of rape brought against the Duke University lacrosse team in 2006, as well as the retracted Rolling Stone article which reported on an alleged rape at the University of Virginia that was later proven false.

“I think @WhoopiGoldberg is trying to be a loyal friend,” Apatow tweeted late Thursday. “It is sad that Bill Cosby is so sick that he puts his friends in that position. But @WhoopiGoldberg — he admitted to giving this to women to get them to have sex,” the director continued, referencing a recently surfaced deposition from 2005 in which he admitted to obtaining Quaaludes with the intent of drugging young women in order to have sex with them.

“So what are you defending?” Apatow added. “Remember — @WhoopiGoldberg he paid off women to avoid the courts. So you can’t say the courts didn’t convict. He used wealth to avoid it. It is sad that he betrayed his community and it has soiled his achievements. But he did it. Not the press. Seven prescriptions.”

In response to a Twitter user who pointed out that Goldberg, 59, has “a pattern of defending people in negative spotlights,” including Mel Gibson, Apatow went on to say that “it is wise to be careful but at some point we need to support the survivors of [Cosby’s] violence.”

“None of you coming after threatening me will change the fact that no one has convicted him,” Goldberg said on Wednesday’s showing of The View. “He has not been arrested, and the bottom line is that’s the law. Innocent until proven guilty. And if you’re the mother of a son who gets accused, you want to keep innocent until proven guilty.”

Added Goldberg: “No one here thinks rape is good, no one here thinks rape is fun, no one here … hates women, or any of that. So, don’t come at me with that because I’m sick of the bull. … He has not been taken to jail or tried on anything. So, back off me!”

Following the release of the 2005 deposition, Apatow asked, “It’s a very sad situation. Now can we all stand up and support the victims? Will silence continue?”