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July 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

MTV’s adaptation of Scream made its first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. In the panel, moderated by Buzzfeed’s Jarrett Weiselman, the cast and producers talked about the making of TV’s newest horror series.

The biggest reveal to come out of the panel is that Bella Thorne’s Nina, who was brutally offed in the premiere episode, will return. In flashbacks. On social media. #millenials

Also, executive producer Jamie Paglia admitted that one of the original concepts for MTV’s reboot was a supernatural version of ‘Scream’ but that idea was tossed out.

The cast still doesn’t know who the masked killer is. “I don’t trust anyone on this cast,” said John Karna, who plays Noah. And it’s quite possible that some of the people on the panel might have a deadly run-in with the rebooted Ghostface. “You don’t know right now if any of these people might be dead,” said Paglia of the cast on the panel.

Check out the show’s Comic-Con trailer below.


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