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The Colony

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July 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Lost star Josh Holloway and co-creator Carlton Cuse are back together in the new USA series Colony. The mystery thriller, which also stars Sarah Wayne Callies, is set in a modern-day Los Angeles that has been colonized by some kind of intruders.

“Carlton called and said he had a project I couldn’t refuse,” Holloway said during the show’s Comic-Con panel on Friday. Holloway called his decision to join the show a “no brainer” after reading the script.

But what is the show about? Who is in charge of the title colony? Don’t look at Cuse for answers. “No!” he said during the panel when asked that very question. “It’s like Lost where you jump into the world and you don’t know what’s happening. Why walls? We have answers and will be doled out throughout the season.”

As for Lost, Cuse was asked about the finale during the panel … by erstwhile Lost star Nestor Carbonell, who played Richard Alpert on the show.

“Were they all dead?” Carbonell asked.

“No, they were all alive and had a nice time and they all die at the end,” Cuse responded.

Colony is set to start shooting this week, Cuse said during the panel. Guest stars include Kathy baker, Carl weathers, Kathleen Perkins and Paul Guilfoyle. Watch the first trailer below.

And check out Holloway’s first ever Instagram right here.


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The Colony

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The Colony

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