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July 10, 2015 at 06:38 PM EDT

Before Friday’s Orphan Black panel, here’s a refresher on the BBC America drama:

Where we left off: While Delphine lay dying from a potentially fatal gunshot wound, Alison triumphed at her school election and Cosima possibly found the elusive key to her recovery. But lest the Clone Club gets too caught up in celebrating with too many dance and dinner parties, we also were presented with the fact that the Neolutionists have officially returned — and have been more or less manipulating both Topside AND Castor. In other news …

  • While Krystal kept her eye, Rachel regained her eye, and Sarah reunited with “little monkey” Kira.
  • We learned that one clone was lost in the foster system, something that will no doubt carry over into next season.
  • Helena found love with Jesse and killed Rudy — because it’s never dull in Helena’s world!
  • Rachel, who is locked away in in a rehab facility in Alaska, is working for the Neolutionists along with her mother and now has a renewed purpose in life: her own form of motherhood.

What we know about next season: Castor is no more, or as Orphan Black showrunner John Fawcett previously told EW, “we’ve put an end to Castor, loosely.” The Neolutionists aren’t going to be backing down, however, and with Rachel still involved there’s potential life-and-death situations at stake for the clones. As for other people from season 3 that we can see return? While there’s few details about next season at this time, from the mouth of John Fawcett, we know we can look forward to seeing more Krystal, more Mark, and (no matter what happens to Delphine) possibly more Shay.

Comic-Con burning question: Is Delphine really dead? Come on! Is Delphine really dead?

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