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Give us all you got, Chenbot! Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about eviction night on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

I wasn’t entirely sure those tears were genuine coming from Shelli over nominating Da’Vonne. What do you think? Do you think she actually felt guilty?

I wasn’t sure either about Shelli’s tears. The first time I watched it I thought it was because she was afraid of looking bad nominating someone that she probably knows people watching at home like. For sure those tears looked real to me. But I think they were more about feeling bad about how she was coming across rather than feeling bad for Da’Vonne. As the saying goes, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Those were some pretty harsh words by Da’Vonne regarding Audrey. She said Audrey is going to skate by simply because she’s a transgender woman. Do you think she’s right?

I don’t think the other houseguests are afraid to nominate or evict Audrey because she is a transgender woman. I think that was Da’Vonne’s interpretation of what she thinks she sees. Maybe it’s also a little bit of what she wants to believe because she got evicted and Audrey didn’t even get nominated.

What are your thoughts about Da’Vonne?

From what I saw of Da’Vonne in the house, I really like her. I think she’s a smart, funny, honest, no nonsense kind of woman. She’s no wallflower. She speaks her mind and stands up for truth. I respect that.

I’m not sure I dig that last laugh twist because it almost took away the power of the HOH. What did you think about it? And will we see it again?

I didn’t love the last laugh twist either. I am a purist and I like the game more clean. I also felt it was a power that got doled out by luck rather than skill. That being said… I WAS happy to see Da’Vonne get it! Too bad it wasn’t enough to save her. Shelli is sleeping with Clay! Why haven’t we seen the total make out sessions yet?

You haven’t seen the make out sessions between Clay and Shelli because they don’t exist! Yet. I was wondering the same thing while watching them cuddle in bed under the sheets. Hmmmmmm.

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