New CBS late-night host tells Jerry Seinfeld that a late night war is "boring"


Hey, this isn’t the way to start a late-night war!

But that’s exactly what Stephen Colbert wanted to avoid, which is why he met with The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon after taking The Late Show gig.

“I think nothing would be more boring than a late-night war,” Colbert told Jerry Seinfeld on the sixth-season finale of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Crackle. “We [Colbert and Fallon] went out and had drinks and talked about it, actually. It was shortly after that it was announced that I was going to get the gig that I said, ‘let’s get together and have some drinks’ and we laughed and told stories. That’s it. We just laughed like this, and it was lovely.”

If only the cameras were rolling for that meeting.

Colbert also says he was planning to bag Comedy Central’s The Colbert Show even before he got the Late Show gig. “I was ready to stop … I was going to stop whether or not — the Letterman thing fell in my lap.”

Colbert stars his new gig on CBS Sept. 8.From Crackle: Stephen Colbert: Cut Up And Bloody But Looking Good