Streaming service Tidal announced on Wednesday that it would begin offering a family plan rate to global users. The celebrity-backed service will have two different kinds of family plans, Premium and Hi-Fi, much like the single-user plans.

The news comes a week after Apple launched Apple Music. Its pricing options also include a family plan designed to entice users to sign up together, but at a flat rate of $14.99 for up to six people, Apple Music’s family membership is cheaper than Tidal’s.

Tidal’s pricing will adjust based on how many people sign up for a plan (the maximum number is the primary account holder plus four additional users). For instance, two people on Tidal Premium will cost $14.98 a month, but each additional person on the plan costs an extra $4.99. (All prices can be found on Tidal’s website.)

The family cost of Tidal Premium, the lower-tier offering, is similar to the family rates at streaming services like Spotify and Rdio, but Spotify hinted back in June that it would begin lowering prices to match Apple Music’s family plan, which has the lowest rate on the market.