Credit: Rob Monk/SFX Magazine via Getty Images

Chocolat author Joanne Harris took to Twitter on Wednesday to write a series of “#TenTweets” (an exercise she’s done before) about sexism she’s experienced in the publishing industry. She covered everything from sexist interview questions about juggling a career with motherhood, to a publisher trying to put a pink jacket on one of her books, of which all the characters were male (so as “not to alienate” her readers).

While there were a few expected dissenters (see Harris’s explanation of the “‘That’s Not Sexist’ vole” below), many of Harris’ followers chimed in, including writers like Samantha Shannon, who responded to Harris’ complaint that every U.S. interviewer asked her opinion on Fifty Shades of Grey. “My first book was compared to Fifty Shades several times despite having no sex in it,” Shannon wrote. “Still puzzled.” Harris replied: “EVERYTHING written by a woman that year was compared to FIFTY SHADES. Everything.”

Read Harris’ tweets and some relevant responses below:

On “The Vole”: