When Lila’s teenage son is murdered in a drive-by shooting in a rough neighborhood, the police don’t seem to be especially motivated to find the shooter. She seeks solace at a local support group for women who’ve had children killed, but that only leads to more anger, especially after she meets a kindred spirit, Eve, who thinks getting even is much more satisfying than reciting the Serenity Prayer.

In Lila & Eve, Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez are almost like Thelma and Louise, two good women who get in over their heads. “They’re the halves of one whole,” said director Charles Stone III (Drumline). “Lila needs Eve for balance, just as Eve needs Lila. The relationship between them does something very important, and that is establishing and maintaining an emotional current that flows underneath the physical violence that takes place.”

When the police fail them, the women try to interrogate the drug dealers who may have witnessed or been part of the shooting. But any noble intentions are quickly warped by the need for answers and vengeance. In this exclusive clip from the film, which opens July 17 in theaters and on VOD, a shaky Lila leaves the diner after a conversation with a suspicious Det. Holliston (Shea Whigham). She’s on the verge of fleeing with her younger son, but Eve arrives and urges her to finish what they started.

Watch the entire trailer below.