Credit: Claire Folger

Chris Pine is most famous for commanding from the bridge of the Enterprise, but his next ship is decidedly less sophisticated: a 1950s-era Coast Guard rescue boat. In Disney’s The Finest Hours, Pine joins forces with Casey Affleck, Eric Bana, and Ben Foster to tell the story of the Coast Guard’s greatest small boat rescue in history.

Set off the New England Coast in 1952, The Finest Hours depicts the true story of the daring Chatham, Mass., Coast Guard crew that sailed into a deadly nor’easter to rescue 30 sailors trapped on a disabled oil tanker. Pine plays Coast Guard captain Bernie Webber, who along with three other men, face frigid temperatures and 60-foot waves in a rickety 36-foot wooden lifeboat to their attempt to locate and rescue the sailors.

Affleck plays the tankers’ first assistant engineer Ray Sybert, the senior officer on board charged with keeping his crew safe on the rapidly sinking ship. Bana portrays the Coast Guard’s warrant officer back on land who orders the daring rescue.

Million Dollar Arm’s Craig Gillespie helmed the film which Disney will open in 3-D and IMAX on Jan. 29.

Credit: Claire Folger
The Finest Hours
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  • 114 minutes