Credit: Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Cheryl Strayed will release Brave Enough, a book of more than 100 of her notable quotes on Oct. 27, Knopf publishing announced Wednesday.

“From the comic to the profound, the simple to the complex, the sorrowful to the ecstatic, the inspiring to the stern, whenever I need consolation or encouragement, a clear-eyed perspective or a swift kick in the pants—which is often—quotes are what I turn to,” Strayed said in a statement. “I think of quotes as mini-instruction manuals for the soul. It’s my appreciation for their very usefulness that compelled me to put together this book. Not because I believe in my own sagacity, but because I believe in the power of words to help us reset our intentions, clarify our thoughts, and create a counter-narrative to the voice of doubt many of us have murmuring in our heads. The one that says, ‘You can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t have.’ Quotes, at their core, almost always shout Yes! Brave Enough aims to be a book of yes.”

Strayed is best known for Wild, her memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail which was adapted for the big screen last year. She is also the author of the novel Torch and Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of her “Dear Sugar” advice columns.