Credit: Gabriel Rodriguez/Audible

The Locke & Key TV pilot may have never seen the light of day (outside of a Comic-Con screening), but Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill’s comic book series is returning in a new form with an impressive cast.

As first revealed by MTV, Audible Studios will be producing an audio play version of the graphic novel, with a cast of over 50 actors. Headlining the audiobook’s voice cast are Tatiana Maslany, Haley Joel Osment and Kate Mulgrew. But the full cast will include a number of other special appearances, from Hill to illustrator Rodriguez to Hill’s father Stephen King. The audiobook will also include an original score to augment the cast members’ performances.

The audiobook can be pre-ordered from Audible now for free before it’s set to release on Oct. 5. It will then remain free until Nov. 4, when it will then be available as a paid download.

As MTV also revealed, a poster for the audio play will be available in limited quantities on July 9 at San Diego Comic-Con, with Rodriguez on hand for signings.