Credit: Daniel McFadden/Sundance TV

The nearly 11-month wait for new episodes of Rectify comes to an end on Thursday. In preparation for the hit series’ season 3 premiere, Sundance has created a podcast, “The Case Against,” to break down all of the important details of the Daniel Holden murder case. Best of all, it’s done in the style of NPR’s Serial.

“The Case Against” outlines Daniel’s case from the moment he’s released from prison right up to his second confession, condensing 16 hours of television into 16 minutes. The podcast, featuring clips from the show and fictionalized interviews with professional lawyers and psychologists, is a must-listen for new viewers and a fun refresher for existing fans (after all, it’s been a year).

Season 3 of Rectify premieres Thursday, July 9 on SundanceTV.