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Miguel clarified the comments he made in his interview with The Sunday Times, writing on Twitter Monday evening that there’s “no need to compare apples to oranges.”

“I want to clear the air. Yes, I am competitive, we ALL have to have a level of confidence and competitiveness to put ourselves on the line day in and day out,” he wrote. “But I also believe there’s room for all artists. That’s what WILDHEART is all about: celebrating individuality. I guess what I’m saying is, there’s no need to compare apples to oranges, there’s something out there for everyone. That’s why I’m her and I’m able to do what I do. So, thank you to everyone who enjoys my music and all love to anyone who doesn’t, we’re all here to find our own wave and that’s OK! Stay passionate, stay free, and of course stay wild!”


Back in 2013 Frank Ocean won the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy over Miguel and Chris Brown. Both refused to give Ocean a standing ovation when he went onstage—and it looks like Miguel’s feelings about the musician haven’t changed in the two years since.

“I wouldn’t say we were friends,” Miguel told The Sunday Times, referring to Ocean. “To be completely honest—and no disrespect to anyone—I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.”

After he failed to give Ocean the standing ovation at the Grammys, Miguel told TMZ he’s “competitive” and offered Ocean a belated congratulations—but when TMZ asked if he would go back in time and give Ocean the standing ovation, Miguel simply answered, “No.”

Miguel released his third album, Wildheart, in late June, and Ocean has said that his follow-up to 2012’s channel ORANGE will arrive this July. Read the full Sunday Times story on Miguel here.