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Terminator Genisys has left many, at best, curious and, at worst, utterly confused about some of its time-travel plot machianations. And in a recent interview, the film’s director, Alan Taylor, acknowledged several key points in the film don’t make much sense. And for now, he’s okay with that.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Taylor said that, for questions surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 and Skynet, “there are answers to these things that are not provided in this movie.”

Taylor explained that lines of dialogue were consciously written to not readily be understood, with the film’s world-saving mission as reason enough to move beyond the aspects that may be incomprehensible.

“Arnold has one of the most unpronounceable, impenetrable expositional lines in the movie when he says, ‘It’s possible to remember two time frames when you enter the quantum field during a nexus moment,’ and nobody has any idea what he’s talking about,” Taylor said. “But yes, it makes sense. We don’t expect anybody to get it—then Kyle turns to Sarah and says, ‘Can you make him stop talking like that?’ It’s a way to say, you don’t really have to get this.”

Taylor kept a running list of the timelines featured in the film — officialy, according to the director, there’s at least seven, but even other department heads for the film couldn’t keep all the details straight.

The Genisys director promised there is sense to be made of the twists, turns, and unanswered questions the film introduces, but whether they’ll be explored is predicated on the franchise’s future.

“The idea is that there will be a chance to play them out, but as we’ve all been saying you never know if there will be a follow up,” Taylor said.

For more from the director, head over to The Daily Beast. And for EW’s own attempts to make sense of the Terminator timeline, read Darren Franich’s serious attempt to break everything down.

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