Director Ryan Murphy 'is not about playing by the rules,' says Palmer
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Ryan Murphy’s latest project — the dark comedy-horror Scream Queens — is set to premiere this fall on Fox, but one of its stars assures us it hasn’t been tamed down for network television.

“Usually he’s on FX: Is he still gonna be able to go as brutal as he has been before now that it’s on Fox?” Keke Palmer told EW Saturday after her Essence Festival Empowerment talk.

“Actually, he is,” she says. “I think that he is keeping that same, heightened, extreme grounded-ness. How he does it, I have no idea. But that is very much so a part of Scream Queens. And also, the comedy. He finds the balance in light of the dark. It’s fun to play.”

Palmer stars alongside an A-list cast including Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele as sorority sisters whose house, Kappa Kappa Tau, comes under attack by a masked slasher.

The actress-singer — who’s will also star in Fox’s upcoming Grease: Live — has been a fan of Murphy’s since his FX anthology American Horror Story debuted.

“I loved season one, and I was like: ‘If I ever got a chance to work with this guy, it would be so cool and fun,'” says Palmer, 21. “Because he’s so creative! That’s what you want as an actor: to be pushed.

A lot of times people say there’s only seven stories, there’s only seven characters. A little bit of that is true because … there’s only a certain amount of concepts and perspectives that maybe we’re willing to look at things as,” she adds. “But he does a really good job at not doing that. I guess that’s why they call him a genius: This guy is not about playing by the rules. He’s about switching it up.”

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