In an interview with CBS News’ Sunday Morning, Amy Schumer waxed philosophic on everything from sex and feminism to her childhood growing up on Long Island. She even stopped by her old high school to reconnect with some of her former teachers and hijack a drama class to offer some advice.

“This is such a time in your lives when all these insecurities creep in and you’re looking in the mirror like, ‘I don’t look like all the Kardashians,’” she told students at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York. “And you think that that’s wrong. But it’s not. You should just totally look in the mirror and just love yourself, and be like, ‘This is the package I come in, and I’m just going to embrace it.’”

“And don’t try to make your parents proud, because it’s impossible,” she added. “They don’t understand.”

Watch the entire segment below.