Credit: Instagram/Nathan's Famous

It wouldn’t be July 4 without competitive hot dog eating at Nathan’s Famous in New York’s Coney Island. But for the first time in eight years, a new champion emerged as the top eater.

Matt Stonie, a.k.a. Megatoad, defeated Joey Chestnut to take home the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest belt on Saturday. Stonie ate 62 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, two more than Chestnut was able to consume.

“We don’t just go up there and eat hot dogs. We practice for this. We prepare our bodies,” Stonie said after winning. “It was a tough contest. Joey brings it all. I had to push really hard to beat him. But I feel great.”

On Twitter, Stonie shared an image of his championship belt.

Nathan’s Famous also posted a photo of Stonie right after he defeated Chestnut.