Big Brother Julie Chen
Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

The Chenbot is back! Each week,Big Brotherhost Julie Chen answers our burning questions about the previous week’s game play on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

Before I get on with the questions, I have to say: you look incredible this season. How did you spend your May and June? On the Dukan diet? In a hyperbaric chamber?

I ate only things that have had a life and avoided alcohol, desserts, bread, pasta, and dairy. Basically a clean diet got me to where I have been trying to be since having Charlie in 2009! Only took me five and a half years to lose the baby weight! Woo hoo!

BB Takeover Kathy Griffin gave you quite the chest bump on Thursday. Did you know that was coming?

Had no idea the chest bump was coming but was game to get out of my Chenbot ways and go for it! But now I have to get some wiring fixed!

What do you think killed Jace’s game? Just because he was a tool?

Jace was overly eager and I think trying too hard to be the fun guy. In that confined environment with nowhere for anyone to escape, he probably got on people’s nerves. He seems to be a nice guy who just wants to be the life of the party and that probably got old fast with some.

It was pretty amazing how Jace’s streaking in the backyard landed with a total thud. Was that because today’s BB houseguests are totally desensitized to anything salacious or that the kids just didn’t like Jace?

Streaking was just the cherry on top of people being tired of his overzealous ways, I think. But hey, you gotta give the guy credit. I’d rather have that as a roommate than a dullard.

Do you think Audrey hurt herself this week in front of the other houseguests, especially when she voted for Jackie, not Jace?

I have no idea how the Audrey vote will end up affecting her game. My gut says bad. Shows she cannot stick to her word and she changes on a dime. Shows you can’t count on her.

Was there any talk of Audrey not revealing her truth, since her being a transgender woman is not relevant to her game play?

It was always agreed on both sides — hers and he networks — to be transparent about her being transgender. She wanted to do it and the network thought it was the right thing to do as well.

Love the twins twist. Where does the other twin get to go when she’s not in the house? To a local hotel? Or just down the hall into a dressing room?

No idea where the other twin goes other than in a sequester situation. Good question!

Who’s your early favorite?

I love Da’Vonne, Jason, and James. And Vanessa I think is super smart. Like her a lot too.

So I always wanted you to ask – who taught you how to hold your hands while doing a stand-up in front of the camera?

My hands are from me watching myself and others on TV and deciding it was the least awkward way to hold them!