By Anthony Breznican
July 03, 2015 at 05:18 PM EDT
Richard Foreman, Jr.

The problem with life outside the maze is you can’t see the dead ends coming. That’s where we find Dylan O’Brien’s Thomas and other survivors of The Maze Runner as they fight in the wasteland of The Scorch Trials, the second film based on the best-selling YA sci-fi series by James Dashner.

Scorch picks up with the young heroes running into the arms of a paramilitary group known as WCKD, which has been ­creating sanctuaries ever since a solar flare singed Earth and unleashed a deadly disease. It doesn’t take long for Thomas to ­realize these safe havens are anything but.

“His character is responsible for taking the kids and fleeing the maze at great cost,” says returning director Wes Ball. “A lot of people died, some of them his best friends. And he might be marching these kids again into dangerous situations. So Thomas has a lot of guilt resting on his shoulders.”

And that’s one thing you can’t escape, no matter how fast you run.

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