By Chris Lee
July 03, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Zombies are overexposed. ­Vampires are played out. But witches have never quite caught on as the main baddies in a movie franchise. Hey, maybe Vin Diesel can fix that!

In the action adventure The Last Witch Hunter (Oct. 23), Diesel plays Kaulder, an immortal warrior with a flaming broadsword who’s battled sorcerers from 13th-century Europe to modern-day New York City in a bid to avenge his murdered wife and daughter. “Vin’s character has ­inextricably shaped the history that we live with today—and nobody knows it,” explains director Breck ­Eisner (Sahara). “We posit the battle between witches and humans began with the Black Plague, an incredibly powerful global curse by witches.”

And they’re about to do it again. But to combat the next pandemic, Kaulder must team up with his sworn enemy: a good witch portrayed by Game of Thrones wildling Rose Leslie. Awkward! Diesel is both star and ­producer of Last Witch, and ­Eisner says the actor’s affection for a ­certain fantasy role-playing game was an unexpected boon in his dual roles. “One of the things about his playing so much Dungeons & ­Dragons is that 
Vin has a great mind for creating mythology,” the director says. “He understands world building and how that affects an audience.” Vin 
Diesel: dungeon master. Who knew?

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 105 minutes
  • Breck Eisner
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