Dominic Toretto is great at many things: Loving his family, racing cars, hand-to-hand combat, loving his family, kali stick fighting, saying grace, defying gravity, loving his family, flexing his jaw, and so, so much more. But one of the things Dom is greatest at is gathering his family for a barbecue.

We’re first introduced to Dom’s love for cookouts in the first Fast and Furious film, but it’s not until the sixth film that Dom achieves the impossible: He creates the world’s most perfect summer barbecue.

Finally getting to return to the United States and his home in Los Angeles, Dom gathers his family — Han, Tej, Roman, Letty, Mia, Brian, and baby Jack — to celebrate living furiously and driving fast. And here’s why the moment is sheer perfection:

There’s no dress code. Listen, when it’s summer in Los Angeles, there’s nothing worse than attending an outdoor event where you have to look nice. Dom’s house is a judgment-free zone — just ask Vince — which means you can wear something that will help keep you cool. And along the same lines, there’s no fancy table or expensive tableware. If you break something, it’s NBD.

The food is delicious. Unlike much of L.A., Dom isn’t worried about being healthy or gluten-free. With Roman and Tej on the grill, this barbecues are all about ribs, potato chips, corn, beans, and all the summer essentials. And his only rule is that if you’re the first to reach for the food, you have to say grace. (And his expectations are low. Like I said, judgment-free zone.)

Hobbs makes a brief appearance. He doesn’t stay, but he stops by long to make fun of Roman’s forehead, and what more could you ask for?

There’s an endless supply of Corona. It’s Dom’s house after all. (And if you’re not a drinker, odds are Mia has a Snapple inside.)

There’s an endless supply of love. No one is more loved than a member of Dom’s family. And if you’re at this barbecue, you’re family.

You’ll never feel more safe. Not only is Dom incredibly protective and nearly impossible to kill, but this time, he’s back in the country under orders from Hobbs, so you couldn’t have two stronger men on your side.

They’ll probably race afterward. Whether you’re in a car with them or just watching, it will definitely be a highlight of your life.

Tej and Roman are there … and they’re hilarious.

Some of Dom’s swagger might rub off on you. There’s nothing more educational than observing someone in his or her natural habitat, so here’s to hoping you’ll leave acting just a little more like Dom.

The music is great. Dom knows a good party soundtrack when he hears one.

Letty’s back. And everything is right in the world.

There’s no curfew. You know that every one of Dom’s barbecues turn into an all-night event. And by the time you finally leave, you’ll be able to say “ride or die” and mean it. In other words, you’ll be your greatest self.

Roman’s prayer will bring tears to your eyes. Because #family.

Also, Mia and Brian will handle the dishes, so you can chill.

Fast and Furious 6
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