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July 02, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Graceland. Read at your own risk!

Pretty much anyone who lives in Graceland is lying about something, whether it’s being ruthless drug dealer Odin Rossi or selling out Mikey to die at the hands of Sid — or, you know, helping Sid escape the country before eventually offing him. But Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) took it one step further during Thursday’s episode in a way that will surely come back to haunt her.

After paying a not-so-friendly visit to Amber (Brit Morgan) in prison, Charlie struck up a deal to spring her nemesis in order to track down Germaine. Yes, that Germaine, the man Amber used to beat and torture Charlie, nearly causing her to lose her unborn child. But Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) is adamantly against Charlie going into the field while carrying their child, so she pretends to go get an abortion. Seriously. Now she’s free to go into the field, even though she’s actually still pregnant. Why, Charlie, why?! EW tracked down Ferlito to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How will this decision come back to haunt her?

VANESSA FERLITO: It’s not good. She feels like she’s backed into a corner. Briggs threatened her. I can only speak from experience, but when you’re pregnant, your hormones are all over the place. She wasn’t ready to give up her job, even though the baby should’ve been the first priority. Charlie felt like, “I was already beaten to death almost and I didn’t lose the baby. What’s the worst that can happen now?” The fact that Briggs threatened her, she felt backed into a corner. She really didn’t want to get an abortion. At the end of the day, in a perfect world, she’d love to be with Paul and have a baby, but it’s really complicated. He lied to her so much. How can he get that mad at her? Look at what he lied to her about? Oh my God!

Because she’s still pregnant, will that cause any hesitation for her when she’s in the field?

Listen, if I were her friend giving her advice, I’d tell her, “Sit your ass down. You’re crazy. You’re getting mixed up with these crazy people.” The people that she gets involved with are 1,000 times worse than anybody you’ve seen Charlie with the past two seasons. She’s thinking, “I have eight weeks left. Let me just get in and get out. What’s the worst that can happen?” She’s stupid and not thinking straight. The fact that Briggs also was like, “You need to be a mom,” that sent her over the edge. If he were gentle and sweet, “Babe, please, I’m so scared you’re going to lose this baby,” like a normal person would’ve, maybe she would’ve stopped. He made her feel like her life was over for her.

She’s just let Amber out of jail. Can she even trust her?

No. She can’t trust Amber. She knows that. But Amber’s in jail. She’s going to jail for a very long time. Charlie knows that she’s going to use that. She doesn’t trust Amber, but they both want something and they both need each other.

How far is Charlie going to go to take down Germaine?

All the way. This is a crazy season. This is my favorite season so far. In the beginning, we have to wrap up old ties, but then all that stuff is gone quickly. There’s all these new characters, Germaine and others. It gets really out of control. By [episode] 7, your jaw is going to be on the floor, literally.

Charlie said she would no longer be romantically involved with Briggs, but with the baby on the way, might that change?

With these shows, you’re only seeing weeks. It feels like forever because it’s on the air for months. This season, I’m not sure. I can’t say what’s going to happen in the future. Would it be the worst thing if Charlie took Briggs back? A lot of us are so forgiving. I know I’ve taken my ex back 1,000 times. Right now, she’s not with him, and she doesn’t plan on it. Charlie’s definitely extremely emotional right now and she feels betrayed. She definitely thinks she’s going to be a single mother.

Briggs is basically working this case with Ari toward his own downfall. Does Charlie have any sympathy for him right now?

No. Well, I can’t remember the episode, but he’s drowning. Not literally, but you can see Briggs is in so deep with this maniac. You see her say to him, “You had a way of getting out and you didn’t take it?” She throws little digs in here and there. I think she loves him, I just think she’s really hurt. They’re not together. She caught him in a bunch of lies. She goes to him for help and he basically tells her he’s going to rat her out. The future for Charlie and Briggs is extremely uncertain right now.

Does the rest of Graceland know that Paige sold Mike out?

No. She would be dead! That would be a war. Charlie loves Mike. She would never get out of that house without something happening. It would be really bad. Charlie is super straight. This is the biggest lie, this baby thing. She’s all about putting the bad guys away. That’s why she didn’t let up on the Odin thing. She’s relentless.

Johnny has betrayed the rest of Graceland even more so by helping Sid out. How will they feel when they learn the truth?

Oh my God. At some point it will. It’s going to come out, but not yet.

Sid is dead, but the rest of Graceland doesn’t know that. Are they still on high alert for Sid or will they discover what happened?

It all comes out. It comes to light. But Charlie continues on her quest to get Germaine. She has her own story totally separate. I could read the script and only read my part and be fine, that’s how separate it is. Briggs has his story, I have my story and Mike has whatever he has going on, but they all sort of come together, but not for a really long time.

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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