By Jonathon Dornbush
July 01, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

After a series of enjoyable online videos, the lead-up to Stephen Colbert’s time hosting The Late Show has taken an unexpected but hilarious turn. Colbert hosted the Monroe, Michigan public access show Only in Monroe this week, and interviewed Eminem.

“My next guest is a local Michigander, who’s making a name for himself in the competitive world of music. Please welcome, Marshall Mathers,” Colbert said as he introduced Eminem.

The duo talked about their favorite Bob Seger tracks, “booty rhymes,” and Eminem’s hoodie. Things got testy for a second when Colbert said he wasn’t really sure who Eminem was, but the interview got back on track while the pair discussed Southpaw, the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing movie featuring a new song from Eminem. (The Eminem portion of the show starts at 22 minutes.)

Colbert’s YouTube page has kept the Only in Monroe show unlisted, but Michigan’s public access channel did post the video to its website. Whether it’s a one-off idea or a welcome hint of more smaller town visits to come before Colbert officially begins hosting The Late Show is unclear.

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