Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

The decision to pull out from her gig as co-host of Univision’s telecast of the Miss USA pageant wasn’t easy an easy one, but Roselyn Sánchez credits her husband, actor Eric Winter (Dallas, Witches of East End), for backing her in the controversial matter.

“He’s been nothing but supportive,” says Sánchez, who was in Puerto Rico producing a children’s charity event last week when she saw Trump’s offensive comments about Mexicans take over her Twitter feed. “I felt horrible. I felt like [by hosting] I’d go against my people.” When she showed her phone to Winter, he had a similar reaction. “He was shocked,” admits the Devious Maids star.

Sánchez contacted her management team that very evening about her decision to withdraw from her co-host duties, and credits Winters for helping craft her official public statement announcing her plan. “He read it, and he’d say ‘This is going a little too far, try this,’” Sánchez notes. “He was incredibly supportive, even though he’s white and he can’t relate to the struggle at all.”

Withdrawing her support from Trump’s pageant struck a deeply personal note for the Puerto Rican star: Not only is she a former beauty queen (she’s Miss Puerto Rico Petite and Miss America Petite title holder), but she’s a die-hard Celebrity Apprentice fan too.

“I’m a fanatic. And for years, I’ve tried to convince my husband to be part of Celebrity Apprentice,” says Sánchez. “They raise so much money for different charities and it breaks my heart now to not be able to support it now.”

While the list of TV personalities and media companies withdrawing their support from Trump’s Miss USA/Miss Universe pageants has grown longer over the last few days—Spanish telecast co-host Cristián de la Fuente quit soon after Sánchez, as did NBC co-hosts Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts following NBC’s decision to terminate its business relationship with Trump—Sánchez has a few words for the six Latina contestants who will vie for the crown when the Miss USA pageant is streamed online July 12.

“As long as they speak their mind, speak the truth and have no fear, that will speak volumes,” Sánchez says. “Participate, but make sure that you support your people. And say, ‘I’m here and I have a point of view. My voice is going to be heard.’ Trump might not be happy about that but let’s see what happens.”