Disclosure’s sophomore album may not be a concept piece, but that doesn’t mean its videos won’t be—the Brothers Lawrence dropped the first in a futuristic four-part series Tuesday evening, attached to the album’s lead single “Holding On.”

“We wanted to create something very different with our music videos this time around. Something unique that would connect all the songs from the album and the videos in a special way,” Disclosure said in a statement. “This is the first of a series of four amazing videos directed by Ryan Hope that come together to create a short film…CARACAL. So, as each music video comes out… The plot unfolds. We hope you enjoy!”

In the clip, streaming below, we meet a tattooed medium named Mariela in Mexico City, which is overrun by military that look like they’re straight out of the Hunger Games, and follow her as she is recruited for a mission by her relative. When she accepts her new path, she gets the Caracal album art added to her sleeve and takes off.

Guy and Howard Lawrence’s Caracal was announced earlier this month and was already one of the fall’s most anticipated albums before it was announced they would reunite with Sam Smith on one of its tunes. EW spoke with the Grammy-nominated duo earlier this month about whether they felt pressure to make Settle 2.0 and (spoiler) they didn’t at all. “We got bought a lot of time by ‘Latch’ actually,” Howard said. “We wrote it over three years ago now and it only really got [to the U.S.] last year. So we didn’t feel too rushed—I feel that’s often a thing with second albums. [And] I didn’t feel much pressure in terms of having to top the last record or anything. I just felt like we had to make the best one we can. And we’ve both gotten better at making music.”

Caracal is due out September 25. Disclosure are billed to headline Los Angeles’s Memorial Sports Arena on September 29 and New York’s famed Madison Square Garden October 24.