During the late 90s, “Tubthumping” invaded radios, Walkmans, and your ears, becoming the biggest hit for British rock band Chumbawamba. In the U.S., nothing ever came close to approaching the wild success of that infectious hook. But then, Chumbawamba fell off into relative obscurity. Now there’s a chance to learn “the truth” about the group.

Ex-band member turned filmmaker Dunstan Bruce announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund I Get Knocked Down (The Untold Story of Chumbawamba). “This is our chance to get the inside story, to get the truth — or at least different versions of the truth — from members of the band about what happened when a bunch of anarchists from the north of England had a worldwide hit totally by accident,” Bruce says in the video.

Unknown to many is the band’s history and political activism. Chumbawamba was a low-level band for nearly two decades before “Tubthumping” catapulted them into interntional popularity after signing on with a big label. During the 1998 BRIT Awards, one member dumped water on then-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

“Does it piss you off that everybody thinks that it was just Danbert [Nobacon]?” Bruce asks other former band member Alice Nutter in the video. “It pisses me off that Danbert has never told anybody,” she dryly replies.

In addition, according to the page, the band “gave most of the money away to the causes they believed in and then after their One Hit Wonder never really made any money again!”

The project seeks £40,000 (about $60,000) by July 31. You can learn more information about the film and the band at the Kickstarter page.