Credit: Disney/Pixar

In 2009’s Up, Carl fights to keep the house he and his widow lived in as construction takes over the surrounding area. In real life, Seattle’s Edith Macefield refused to sell her home—which bears a resemblence to the Up house—as construction took over the surrounding area. But now that house might be facing its end, the New York Times reports.

Macefield died in 2008, and broker Paul Thomas hasn’t had any luck selling the house—which sits between a Ross Dress for Less and an LA Fitness—to a new buyer. At over a 100 years old, the house is in poor condition and renovating it would be “prohibitively expensive” to potential buyers.

“Bringing new life to Edith Macefield’s house isn’t financially viable,” Thomas told the Times.

At this point, the house’s owner “will accept proposals for the next 30 days from individuals or groups willing and able to haul the building away, intact—and as is—free of charge.” If that doesn’t happen, the house will be demolished. Read the full story over at the New York Times website.

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