By Noelene Clark
Updated June 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images

Fans of Stephen King won’t have to wait for November’s release of The Bazaar of Bad Dreams to enjoy a short story from the new book—if they’re willing to give it a listen.

On Tuesday, King released Drunken Fireworks, one of 20 stories collected in Bazaar, exclusively as an audiobook. The tale follows a bumbling man whose involvement in a neighborhood fireworks rivalry lands him in jail.

“It’s an oral kind of story that should be listened to,” King told The New York Times.

The tale is read by humorist Tim Sample, who also lent his voice to the audio version of King’s story The Sun Dog.

““Every now and then, the discussion will come up, ‘Are audiobooks as good as books in print?’ and the answer to me is a no-brainer,” King told The Times. “Yes, they are, and they might even be better.”