If Stephen Colbert’s stint on the Late Show doesn’t work out, he could consider a life as a magician with the levitation skills he shows off in his latest video.

Colbert took the Give Them 20 challenge, tasked with completing 20 push-ups dedicated to troops, veterans, and, in Colbert’s case, the lumbar.

John Oliver challenged Colbert to do so, and while the Last Week Tonight host had to call in an unconvincing body double to help him out, Colbert barely had to lift a finger to complete his 20. In fact, the force of his breath was enough to finish all 20.

Colbert put out a call to challenge Late Late Show host James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel (who already completed the challenge after the New York Mets asked him to do so), and “either Karl Lagerfeld or the Pope, you two work it out, guys.”

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