Credit: Jeff Geissler/AP

Looks like contentious novelist Rick Moody is following in Karl Ove Knausgaard’s footsteps and venturing into the world of domestic memoirs. Moody will publish a new memoir with Henry Holt called The Long Accomplishment: The book will detail the first year of his second marriage (Moody is married to Laurel Nakadate, an artist), month-by-month, as the new couple faces problems like serious illness, aging parents, deaths of friends and a home invasion. The Long Accomplishment is the author’s second memoir, following 2002’s The Black Veil.

“Marriage and commitment are very nearly universal aspirations, but it wasn’t until middle age, in a string of intense difficulties, that I found I wanted these things keenly for myself,” Moody said in a release. “The Long Accomplishment is an attempt to say these things aloud, very directly, to make a case for love and family not as a rewarding part of life, but as the very center of it.”

The Long Accomplishment is slated for a 2017 publication. In the meantime, we’re curious to find out which male literary giant will embrace this trend next. Moody’s next novel, Hotels of North America, will be published in November.