Firefly Music Festival
Credit: Brill/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Caleb and Nathan Followill, the pair of Tennessee-by-way-of-Oklahoma rock brothers who serve as, respectively, frontman and drummer of Kings of Leon, stopped by the SiriusXM Alt Nation last week before their (ultimately canceled) headlining set at Firefly Festival to answer the age-old question, “When can we expect new music?”

“We’ve been at home writing, trying to get some new stuff going,” said Nathan. “And we kind of had to put it on hold because we have this and another festival coming up, but we have big enough breaks in between most of them to where I think we’re gonna be able to get the album written by the end of the year.”

Caleb was quick to explain that while they’re working on it, fans should expect to wait a bit longer before hearing it. “But record number seven, most people take like, what, five years to make that or something?” he joked. “So we’re still in the very early stages of our five-year plan for this next record.”

They also spent some time discussing the recording space, which will either be the studio the group built and then used for their 2013 release Mechanical Bull (read the EW review!) or another property they purchased across the street.

Listen to their full interview below.

The Kings of Leon tour schedule is light again this year, with just a few festival dates on the calendar. Aside from Firefly, they’re just billed to headline the inaugural NiFi Festival in Sparta, Kentucky. The as-yet-untitled seventh album will be their first new material since 2013.