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June 30, 2015 at 08:43 PM EDT

Kaitlyn spent the week in Ireland, but luck wasn’t on her side: She had to deal with Shawn feeling insecure about their relationship, worry about whether Nick revealed to the guys about their night together, and finally, tackle the challenge Chris Harrison presented at the last minute, a twist in which she would have to move forward and go through overnight dates before tackling hometowns. 

That said, she writes in her blog this week that she was happy to smooth things over with her suitors, mainly Shawn. “Despite my exhaustion, knowing he was there to further explain why he was having such a hard time was almost a relief,” she explains. “To be honest, I was happy he wanted to justify it… He was there because I had said one thing and showed him another, and he had questions.”

Head over to People to read her complete blog entry.

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