Credit: Anna Webber/Getty Images

When comedian Tig Notaro’s life was at its worst, she did something great: She moved forward, which included performing a now-famous stand-up set about her just-diagnosed cancer in 2012. And now, Notaro’s journey to pick up the pieces is chronicled in a documentary premiering on Netflix titled Tig.

In an exclusive trailer from the film, Notaro details her 2012 struggles: She collapsed only to find out that her “insides were inflamed beyond recognition,” her mother died, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer — and all this happened in a span of less than five months.

“As soon as I was diagnosed, everything came over me as funny,” Notaro says in the trailer. So she turned her problems into a stand-up set that Ed Helms calls “historic” and Louis C.K. dubbed “truly great, masterful.”

“Losing everything in life so quickly made me uncertain if I’d live to even do stand-up again,” Notaro says. “And because I love comedy so much, I wanted to do it possibly one last time, but didn’t feel like I could share anything less than the truth of my reality. I needed desperately to connect with that audience while trying to make light of it all.”

Now, Notaro sees an oncologist every three months and will be considered in remission in two more years. “As far as anyone knows, I’m still cancer free,” she says, “so that’s pretty darn great.”

See the exclusive trailer for Tig, which begins streaming on Netflix July 17, below.