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Product placement may not be the most beloved topic to discuss in the television industry, but some of Seinfeld‘s most popular episodes, sayings, and moments came about thanks to brand names. And the Seinfeld bump was, and continues to be, good for business.

Fortune took a look at some of the most prominent branded moments in Seinfeld history in light of the new deal that brought the entire series to Hulu. And while that deal itself is certainly a lucrative opportunity, Seinfeld not only helped fill the wallets of those who produced it, but those whose products were featured on the show too.

Take “The Soup Nazi,” whose titular soup salesman was based on the real-life Al Yeganeh, who, while initially unhappy with the take on his personality, used the Soup Nazi’s prominence to boost his real-life persona. He opened a chain of restaurants, selling merchandise with quotes from the “Soup Nazi” episode.

For more instances of Seinfeld‘s use of real-world brands and items, including the Sponge and Junior Mints, check out Fortune.

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