Dark Sky Paradise

Big Sean’s music video production level is approaching mid-2000s Lil Wayne territory: There’s just so much being released. But this one might be his best yet.

Sean released the video for Dark Sky Paradise track “Play No Games” on Monday, and it’s a great four-minute Martin homage. The attire is spot-on the gaudy 90s aesthetic, but the essential element isn’t how the actors look, it’s how the video’s shot. It’s an old-school 4:3 aspect ratio that Martin Lawrence’s program (and about every other older TV show) employed.

Director Mike Carson emulated the multi-cam style of the traditional sitcom; most of “Play No Games” is filmed from the living room’s TV and toward the couch. Though the resolution is significantly better than grainy tape, the look and feel is there.

Watch above and relive the nostalgic reign of VHS players and Starter jackets.

Dark Sky Paradise
2015 album by Big Sean
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