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When will you be posting #EWHotSeat for Once Upon a Time? — Andy

You’ll have to wait patiently because Hot Seat won’t be coming out until Comic-Con. But I’m feeling generous, so how about a little sneak peek? When I asked the guys whether Zelena’s baby will be born this season, EP Edward Kitsis answered with a definitive…. yes! Poor Regina. That is one messed up family tree. Bonus: Did you see this?

I’m so happy that Aaron Tveit is alive on Graceland! Any scoop? — Dean

What happened during his near-death experience is going to play a big role this season. “What he believes he saw in the six minutes when he was clinically dead have changed him completely,” executive producer Jeff Eastin says. “The season hinges on what Mike believes he saw when he was on the other side. The resolution will be something hopefully nobody will expect.”

I’d like to know more about Klaus and Hayley and their relationship going into season 3 of The Originals. Any Klayley romance? — Jessia

I don’t think romance will be in the cards any time soon. Word on the street is there’s a four-month time jump when the show returns, but Hayley is still in wolf form. Suffice it to say, she’s only getting more pissed at her baby daddy. Meanwhile, Klaus refuses to even help anyone find a way to free her from the Crescent Curse.

Any Sara Lance scoop for Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow? — Justin

Personally, I’m curious as to whether Sara is going to be pissed at Thea for, you know, killing her. “I would imagine it would be a hard image to shake, Thea’s face as she shoots three arrows into Sara’s chest,” Caity Lotz says. “Though when/if Sara learns that it was actually Malcolm Merlyn’s doing, I think she’d definitely have some feelings of revenge brewing in her stone cold assassin blood.”

Hawaii Five-0 starts filming in a few weeks. Do you have something on our fave task force? — Lisa

I hear the season premiere actually opens on a flashback all the way to the 1800s where we’ll see pirates raid Hawaii for millions, which is loosely based on a real story. “It took a lot of research to find this account, and funny enough it was discovered after I had started to develop the story,” EP Peter Lenkov tells me. “In the premiere, we will tell whether the story was true of not.” The story will tie into a modern day treasure hunt that McGarrett and the Five-0 team get entangled with.

How far will Kate go to escape the town on Wayward Pines? — Tina

That “music box” will play a big role in her plans, which will ultimately endanger everyone in town. “Ethan’s been trapped in this town for just a few weeks,” EP Chad Hodge tells me. “Kate has been trapped in this town for 12 years. The amount of frustration and the amount of anger that she must have, and that other people in her group must have, you would pretty much get to a place of, ‘I have nothing to lose,’ so you will do anything to get out of here.”

Do you know what Super Max will do to people next season on iZombie? — Kenny

The writers are still tinkering with what exactly the super-charged energy drink will do to people, but I’d venture a guess that it won’t be anything good. “They’re not ready to release it yet, but as we pick up season 2, that report that they knew about the side effects of Max Rager will have taken the company down a couple notches,” EP Rob Thomas says. “Vaughan will be desperate to release a new product, so that may go out before it’s properly tested as well.”

Is it just me or did Catherine Avery seem to be eyeing April as a potential new chief in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? — Frannie

Not just you. I had the same thought, which is why I asked Sarah Drew if April would be interested in taking on the role since it would probably help her move on from the events of last year. “I don’t think she would have any interest in being chief,” Drew says. “There’s so much paperwork. You get buried in the politics of the hospital. All she wants to do is get her hands dirty. She wants to be in traumatic situations, fixing and healing people. She has found herself to be a healer in a pretty dramatic way that goes beyond being a surgeon. There’s something that spiritual for her.”

Will Jake and Amy be together when Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns? — Lelia

Since the show will be picking up exactly where it left off, it may be a little too soon for Jake and Amy to DTR (look it up, it’s not dirty.) But the season premiere will explore that very question. “It may be a question more of how the relationship starts, or how well it starts or if it’s going to start,” executive producer Dan Goor says. As long as it doesn’t start with Jake’s Jamaican accent again, I think they’ll be OK.

Anything on the new season of Falling Skies? — Brad

Try not to eat while watching episode 2. When the 2nd Mass gets desperate for food and supplies, someone has the bright idea to cook up a skitter. The results are quite disgusting.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Love wins.

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