Credit: Image Comics

Mark Millar, the comics creator behind Kick-Ass and Kingsmen: The Secret Service, is celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision legalizing gay marriage the best way he can — with comics.

Millar and Image Comics are giving away the first issue of Jupiter’s Circle — Millar’s Mad Men-era tale of a gay superhero forced to keep sexuality a secret from his conservative super-team (and everyone else) or face ruin.

“In my head, I’m in a 1959 gay man’s head right now, writing about a superhero who is closeted and unable to tell people who he is, and it just seemed really weirdly pertinent to suddenly have this ruling today,” said Millar, talking via telephone from his home in Scotland. “I just thought this seemed quite a cute way of talking about it from another perspective.”

Millar and artist Wilfredo Torres modeled their superhero Blue-Bolt after real-life 1950s silver screen star Rock Hudson, who hid his sexuality from the headlines.

“[Blue-Bolt] is part of the gay Hollywood scene, but all the other superheroes don’t know really what his private life involves,” Millar said. “Superman is Clark Kent, but this guy would be Clark Kent and a heterosexual pretend character, and so he has to act very macho and hang out with all the other superheroes and his pretend sweetheart; he’s got his Lois Lane, but they’ve never even kissed.”

Plans are underway for the comic to head to the big screen, Millar said, with Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura at the helm of a potential six-film franchise.

“The world’s changing. It’s changing very fast,” Millar said. “You couldn’t have imagined a project like this coming to Hollywood even 10 years ago.”

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