She made Seth Meyers feel old.
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

MTV released the first eight minutes of its new Scream series on Thursday — a harrowing sequence showing why actress Bella Thorne isn’t listed as a series regular on the new show. (Spoiler alert: She dies.) But even more terrifying than the scene — at least for anyone who is old enough to remember what it was like to watch the original Scream in a movie theater back in 1996 — was Thorne’s interview with Seth Meyers.

“I remember when the first Scream film came out, it was really exciting for me,” Meyers said to Thorne during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “A little depressing for me: You were not born when it came out.”

Thorne was born on Oct. 8, 1997, two months before the release of Scream 2.

But while the actress missed seeing Scream in theaters, she did see it later and loved it.

“I was 10,” she told Meyers. Added the host: “That’s a good time to see it.”

Watch Meyers and Thorne discuss Scream below. The show debuts on June 30 on MTV.

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