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Jazmyn Moore just wanted to take five kids to see the Pixar sensation Inside Out at the Danbarry Cinema in Middletown, Ohio. And for good reason: It’s a delightful movie that appeals to anyone who’s ever grown up and has feelings (so, everyone). Moore and the children would certainly have been in for a great theater-going experience.

But there was a detour in getting there. An employee accidentally initially played a different movie prior to Inside Out. Jurassic World would have been a low-impact accident, but it wasn’t that. It was Insidious: Chapter 3, according to the Journal-News. “Moore said images of children being tied up and murdered appeared on the screen,” the Journal-News wrote Thursday, “and the children with her became terrified at the sights and sounds.”

“I got our money back but the damage is already done,” Moore wrote in a Facebook post, per the Journal-News. “My children are terrified and keep asking questions.” This hasn’t happened since at this theater, and the affected parties were given passes and an upgrade to see Inside Out in 3D—that seems like a net positive. The kids likely empathized with Bill Hader’s emotion in a big way.

Inside Out

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