Brittany Daniel, who played Jessica Wakefield in the 1994 series, says there is 'interest'
Credit: Everett Collection

Could Sweet Valley High, the show about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield (the size six, blond, sun-kissed 5-foot-6 identical twins except for the mole on Elizabeth’s left shoulder) be the next show to get a reboot?

It’s possible! At the premiere for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, Brittany Daniel, who starred in the 1994-series with her twin sister Cynthia, said there is definite interest.

“We have a conversation with Francine Pascal in the next couple of weeks, so yeah, we’re definitely interested in doing a reboot,” Daniel told EW.

Francine Pascal is the creator of the long-running book series that the TV show was based on—the most recent installment of the series was 2011’s “Sweet Valley Confidential”, a novel that took place when Jessica and Elizabeth were in their 30s, so a potential reboot could see the Wakefield girls as adults.

Diablo Cody, a self-proclaimed fan of the series, is also currently rumored to be making a Sweet Valley High musical for the big screen.

—Reporting by Christina Dugan