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Seth MacFarlane intended his Ted sequel to have a drastically different plotline that what ended up in the final film. Unfortunately, We’re the Millers got in the way of those plans.

“The original idea [for Ted 2] had Ted and John driving a pot shipment across the country,” MacFarlane told The New York Times. “It was sort of a Smokey and the Bandit kind of thing. We were in the midst of writing that and We’re the Millers came out, which essentially was the same story. We had to throw away what we had.”

So MacFarlane began working on the plot that would eventually appear on screen: Ted has to prove he is in fact a person in order to have custody of a child with his wife. MacFarlane found inspiration for the story while working on his last film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and was reading about Dred Scott’s Supreme Court case during production.

“I thought, what a weird, great idea for Ted in 2015 to have to go to court and prove that he’s a person,” MacFarlane explained.

The director, writer, and man behind the titular teddy bear also dissected the film’s opening credit sequence for the Times, explaining how the elaborate musical dance number with about 100 dancers came to be. And if it begins to remind you quite a bit of Gene Kelly’s “Anchors Aweigh” dance with Jerry the Mouse, don’t worry. That was exactly MacFarlane’s inspiration.

For more from MacFarlane, read his full interview with The New York Times.

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