Featured in the photo: Margaret Atwood, Soha Kareem, Hope Nicholson, Kat Curtis and Twiggy Tallant
Credit: Gisèle Lagacé & Shouri

Margaret Atwood is one of more than 40 female contributors lending their talents and personal stories to The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, a nonfiction anthology tackling love, sex and dating. The Kickstarter for the project – created by editor and comic publisher Hope Nicholson – has surpassed its goal of $30,160 with 28 days still left to go in the campaign.

The collection will be a mix of autobiographical pieces based on the experiences of each contributor as well as some analysis of love and sex within pop culture. According to Nicholson, her goal for the project is to make sure readers understand the variety of experiences “geek girls” go through when it comes to relationships – the happy moments, as well as the heartbreak.

“There’s a perception that there aren’t that many geek girls or girls involved in fandom and that’s just untrue,” Nicholson tells EW. “When there is, they’re often used as an object for the male geek. You see that every so often when a comic book pops up on The Big Bang Theory or something like that and it’s incredibly shocking. I’m like, ‘No, no. We’re all there.’ [Laughs] It focuses on them how hard it is for these guys to get dates. I’m just rolling my eyes, thinking, ‘Do you think it’s any easier for geeky girls to do it? Because we’re going through our own stuff.’”

Atwood – who is contributing her own set of original hand-drawn cartoons to the project – became interested after connecting with Nicholson on Twitter. The two shared a bond over 1940s Canadian comics, specifically Nelvana of the Northern Lights which Nicholson re-printed back in 2014.

Atwood’s previous artwork also grabbed Nicholson’s attention, and after a few lunches, she pitched the idea and the literary legend was officially on-board.

“She does these nice, kind of autobiographical cartoons in which she expresses her frustrations of being a writer and all that,” Nicholson says. “They’re very funny and cute. I mentioned that I liked them, and she was surprised because most people haven’t seen those from her.”

From fulfilling long-term relationships to slightly more embarrassing romantic encounters, Nicholson says the work will be very candid about navigating the ups and downs of commitment.

If all goes well, the project will be out this December, though Nicholson says it’s important to give the creators time to develop their pieces. With contributors including The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy author Sam Maggs, artist Trina Robbins and Nicholson herself, each will put her own stamp on Secret Loves.

For more, check out The Secret Loves of Geek Girls official Kickstarter, available here.