Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

John Green has been busy since the release of his last book, The Fault In Our Stars, in 2012. First came that film adaptation and its promotion, and then came the movie version of his 2008 novel, Paper Towns, due out July 24. Its press tour is happening right now.

But Green knows that success has stopped him from putting out another book. When asked in a candid Reddit AMA how Fault has impacted his writing, he explained: “Well, I haven’t written a new novel in the 3.5 years since TFIOS was published, so I suppose it has affected my writing primarily by slowing it down.”

The Fault film came out just as Green was starting his educational video series Crash Course. “The success of TFIOS allowed me to spend a lot of time working on Crash Course even though CC doesn’t provide me income,” Green wrote.

“Also, the movies have proved more time-consuming than I ever imagined, partly because I’ve chosen to be more involved than authors typically are,” he wrote. “And my kids are little and I want to spend time with them. So it’s hard to know if it’s the success of TFIOS or other factors that have played into this extended bookless period of my life, but while I do feel a lot of pressure, I also don’t want to publish until I’ve written something I can feel proud of. That hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully I’ll make more progress soon.”

Later, he also wrote about the Paper Towns film, when asked about how he balances his personal life with professional travel. “Here’s the thing: I really love the Paper Towns movie. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be spending so much time away from home to promote it. But I really do love it, and I’m so grateful to the director Jake Schreier for making a beautiful and funny and sweet movie, and so I feel a responsibility to him and to everyone involved to promote it. On the other hand, I obviously feel a big responsibility to my family, and I traveled a lot for the TFIOS movie (which I also really liked). That is hard to balance, but I just wouldn’t feel right not supporting the Paper Towns movie.”